About AIWA

AIWA has been developing products to meet the growing demands from consumers since 1951 in Japan.

The commitment to designing & manufacturing cost effective, high-quality consumer electronics accompanied with a world class after-sales service connects us with dedicated consumers throughout the regions.

Aiwa Product History



As of today, we have been successful in establishing promising outposts strategically whereby technical expertise maximizes efficiency, driving costs down; business partnerships in just over 100 different countries worldwide; distribution, marketing and retail departments adapting to cultural/ market differences.

We will continue to work harder to unveil the AIWA identity through our products.

CEO Kure Shouichi


The AIWA products are manufactured, serviced and warranted exclusivity by Global Regency Australia PTY Ltd or its nominated distributors and manufactures for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. All products go through rigorous brand approvals and testings to meet AIWA standards.